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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Waiting is a Game - When You are 4-Years-Old

Today Sebastien and I arrived at the Library 15 minutes early.  While waiting for the library to open, Sebastien amused himself in the following ways:
  1. Jumped off the bench
  2. Found a loose tree branch and promptly became one of the Power Rangers on a quest for justice
  3. Dug in the dirt
  4. Introduced himself to another child and explained he was a Power Ranger (Justin)
  5. Hung on the handicapped railings leading up to the steps on the side entrance
  6. Ran around in circles
  7. Jumped in the dirt again
  8. Attacked a flowering shrub with exuberance
  9. Continued to talk to the other children who had arrived for story time
  10. Looked up into a small tree where one of the children had climbed up...pondering whether or not there  was room for one more
Time passed very quickly, and Sebastien soon was engrossed in a wonderful story time while Mommy started blogging away.  I love small libraries!  And I love how 4-Year-Olds create happy moments from simple pleasures!