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Friday, September 6, 2013

Growing Up - To My Children and All the Children of My Family and Friends

Growing Up

You are growing up
faster than I am ready to accept.
Everyone told me
to enjoy every moment of your
cries, laughs, hugs, and milestones.
They were right!

Time went by so quickly.
So many challenges we have faced.
Now we don't always agree and
many times we argue our points.
We both want to be right.

There are still plenty of tears and laughter
yet to be experienced together.
I want you to understand
that no matter what happens
or where life takes you...

I will always care about you and love you.
I will always be your safe home base
with plenty of warm hugs.
I promise to be your place of return
when life becomes harsh and unforgiving.

I know you will be awesome.
I am proud of who you are becoming.
You still have challenges to face
as you continue to grow up.
Please realize I am here for you.