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Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday's List of Random Thoughts

Writing is often an imperfect process.  Perfectionists procrastinate because they want things to work out right the first time around.  When a perfectionist endeavors to become a writer, it goes against every fiber of their being.  Therefore, in an attempt to reduce the obstacle of procrastination, I have decided to make lists on the days when I feel there is little time to produce an article.  Hopefully, the lists will inspire this perfectionist to create articles of substance.  Tackling procrastination at the root of its origin is the way to go today!  So, here's my random list of thoughts for a rainy Monday morning:
  1. I love rainy days. They make me want to clean closets, scrub counters, and get caught up on the laundry. My children, on the other hand, see this as a opportunity to make Mommy insane as they complain about boredom and other maladies. 
  2. It makes me crazy when my children argue with each other to the point I end up raising my voice.  I always thought I'd be able to calmly talk to my children and they would listen with interest as I lovingly guided them through life's many hills and valleys.  I failed to take into account that they needed to be genetically programmed to listen and respond with interest. 
  3. My computer is so ancient that it sounds like a small aircraft preparing for take-off.  I know I should be grateful that I even have a computer.  I remember preparing college assignments on my father's clickety-clack typewriter.  My first computer printed assignment was done on my boyfriend's "new" Amstrad computer.  If you don't remember this brand of computer, you're also too young to know what an original typewriter looked like.  You may find one at an antique store if you need a visual reference.   
  4. Mostly, I am grateful for any time I can steal away to write at all.  Hey, if J.K. Rowling could find a way to write with very little resources at her disposal (when she first began her legacy) then I can surely find a way to grab a minute here or there to write.  So as I break up arguments today and do the laundry, I need to remember that it's o.k. that my writing is not "perfect" the first time around.  The most important thing is to just write!  Everyday! Even if they're just random thoughts!
Hope you're inspired to get going and do what you love!  Procrastination will always be there.  Don't let it get in your way!  Have a great week filled with awesome adventures, lots of challenges, and many, many blessings!