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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Expectations are a "B" - I Used to Get a Pain in the "A" from Them!

I have found that my sanity is directly proportionate to my ability to manage, lower, and eliminate the high expectations I have placed on myself and others.  Past history has validated and consistently verfied this premise.  I am confident that other humans could provide anecdotal documentation that attests to this!  Then again, perhaps that is also too high of an expectation. Hmmmm.  What a dilemma.  Here are some of my most frequently challenged and refuted expectations for your consideration.  Given that I am on a quest to reinvent myself and all that goes with this process, yours truly is more that willing to consider consultation from outside sources.  Here goes...
  1. I expect that my children will listen to me the first time I advise them to look both ways before dashing out into oncoming traffic.
  2. I expect that everyone will be equally as fascinated with the promise of self awareness as I am,  and will enjoy collaborating with me to make the world a wonderful and peaceful place to reside!  (Go ahead, giggle.  It won't hurt my feelings...anymore!)
  3. I expect that my husband will actually come home when he says he will come home!  Even if it's more fun to go out for drinks with his Hispanic brethren.  (A whole other issue I won't get into!)
  4. I expect that when I put on my turn signals, all the other drivers will yield to me so I can get on the correct Interstate without endangering myself, my passengers, and surrounding landscape.
  5. I expect that when my heart is in the right place and I attempt to "do good", others will see my true intent and assist me in my endeavors...not curse me out.
  6. I expect those around me to work hard, take initiative, and be kind to each other.  You'd think this was a no brainer!
  7. I expect that at the end of my day, I will be filled with good will towards all, a feeling of complete contentment, and a willingness to wake up the next day to face more challenges with a smile.
Perhaps these things are elusive.  Perhaps it's just a wish or a dream.  Maybe I just wrote it in the hopes it will make you laugh or make fun of this intended dissonance.  Whatever purpose it serves, I sincerely hope that we are still able to maintain some level of expectation on ourselves and those around us.  How sad it would be to settle for mediocrity when we are capable of so much more as human being.  Just look around at recent tragedies to observe how good people are to each other.  When faces with crises we have shown  amazing levels of concern and consideration for our neighbors.  Why wait for a crisis?  Just something to consider!  Have a Safe Weekend!  Hope all affected by Hurricane Irene will fare well.