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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday - Writing with My Children

Writing has always been more than a way of communicating for me.  It's been as necessary as oxygen...breathing life into me when I needed to be revived.  As a child I remember making marks in one of my books even before I could write letters.  When I finally realized how letters were connected to words to make  sentences, I knew I was on to something excellent.  As I see my children learn to read and write and comprehend the nuances of language, I am reminded how important it is to encourage their appreciation for the written word. 

My children have had journals from the time they could hold a crayon.  I have saved most of these journals so I can see the progression of thoughts from pictures to letters to words.  I love that we can share this love of writing and reading.  It has become natural for them to pick up their journals or find whatever paper is available to write and draw.  This skill has provided an outlet for us to create dreams, make lists, draw fantastic creatures, and tell amazing stories.  We also write notes to each other when speaking becomes too dramatic for verbal expressions. 

There have been times when I have needed to send one or more of the children to their rooms to calm down.  It's not uncommon to find that a note has been slipped outside their door to let me know they have thought about their actions and are ready to talk.  Their notes have also told me when they are feeling sad, upset about something at school, or concerned about a situation.  I have also written notes back to them.  This technique gives everyone the chance to think through feelings and prepare to discuss whatever needs to be addressed. 

My goal for this year is to continue to put my own thoughts in writing and encourage my children to do the same.  Even list making counts!   My next post will include suggestions for how list making can become a fun creative writing activity.  It's simple, quick, and provides great story starter ideas!  I hope my children will enjoy the project too.

Have a wonderful weekend.  My next visit to the library will hopefully be on Monday.