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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Through the Eyes of Hope ~ by Lacey Buchanan is here!

Update : I just received my 2 copies and they are amazing.  I highly recommend this book.  Disclaimer: I received NO reimbursement for the books or for my promotion on this site.  (I'm happy to promote this without compensation.) I encourage my readers to add this book to their 2017 reading list.  Why? Because I value the writer's experiences and believe there is inspiration to be found in this family's journey. Advocacy is a huge topic for me, and I intend to promote this important concern throughout the year.  I invite you to join me and help create meaningful discussions.

Lacey Buchanan knows that we are not always prepared for the challenges life throws in our direction. We plan for a healthy child and look forward to the developmental milestones that tell us our baby is doing well. But what if we discover our precious infant is going to be born with significant medical problems?  What happens if we're advised to reconsider if our child should be born due to the severity of their condition?  Lacey writes about her experiences as a mother who has to face a devastating medical prognosis for her unborn son.  She shares her emotional struggles and the journey her family travels.  Together with her husband Chris, this young mother begins traveling a path that ultimately shows all of us how to have faith, stay focused, express our emotions, and come up with a plan of action.  Lacey provides a real, honest, and sometimes difficult view of how parents are thrust into the role of advocacy when a child is born with medical challenges.  Her courage, perseverance, and rock steady resolve will encourage and inspire you to be an advocate too.

This book is now available for pre-order.  See the links below:

Check out Lacey and Christian Buchanan's Face Book Page

"You guys have been such an encouragement for our family and cheerleaders for our story! You can pre-order Through the Eyes of Hope now and start reading the first three chapters right away. Check out all the details here:"

For a Video Preview go to:

"I've already pre-ordered 2 copies!  Looking forward to 
January 2017!  
A perfect way to start the New Year with some inspiration!"
~ World of Writer Mom