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Monday, May 16, 2016

What My Children Teach Me

I enjoy teaching.  I think I've enjoyed the concept of sharing information since I was a child. I continue to love collaborative efforts when it comes to research for my blog posts and other writing projects.  So it feels natural for me to want to teach my own children when given the opportunity.  Part of teaching is also allowing them to demonstrate their skills and talents.  It is so important to recognize their capabilities and find opportunities for them to become "subject matter experts" for the family.  Each one of my three children helps me at various times when it comes to technology.  They figure out how to make things work and more importantly, they can explain things to me when question marks continue to dance over my head.  I'm not saying they don't get frustrated with me at times, but for the most part they are extremely patient and encouraging.  When we figure something out together, it's magical!  Writing blog posts for various sites has proven to be quite the challenge for me.  Graphic design and HTML; they're not my strong suits at all.  Much of what I accomplish feels like a "fly by the seat of your panties" type of learning.  When I am able to navigate a site and post pictures, the skies open, the sun shines, and the earth shifts.  Today was as special moment when my 8-year-old son was able to show me how to resize a photo for my new blog site:   Not only was I excited to have that photo for my blog, but I was thrilled that he was the one to show me how.  I then showed him how to post to face book and Google.  He entered the caption to correspond with the post.  Magic.  I love observing how my children think, problem solve, negotiate terms, and demonstrate their creativity.  I've just asked my 13-year-old daughter to consider writing a guest post regarding use of Art - Collage Journaling as a coping strategy to reduce stress and anxiety.  I look forward to seeing what she will come up with and plan to post it on one of my blog sites.  My 11-year-old is also more tech savvy than his mama. I'll figure out a way for him to contribute to my blog sites too.  He loves to draw, so maybe he can help me design some cool pics to go with my writing.  Wherever this summer leads, I am confident we'll find plenty to keep us occupied.  Remember, parenting is a dynamic process; it's ever changing and evolving.  I, for one, love it when my children can teach me something or share their skills.  Each family member brings value and needs to feel like they make a difference.  It's up to me as the parent to ensure those opportunities organically evolve as their interests develop.  Happy Monday Everyone!

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