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Monday, September 14, 2015

A Message for My Daughter

I am continuously trying to keep up to speed with how my daughter is feeling.  Middle School can be a real bitch!  There's no other way to say that.   Middle School is like boot camp for whatever High School brings.  I only hope that some of what I say makes a difference and she knows how much I love and care about her.  Here's an example of something she posted and my response.  Perhaps it can be helpful to other parents.  Lord knows we could all use a little inspiration when it comes to helping our children navigate the painful and often rocky journey through the teen years.  Middle School is just the beginning. 
  Isabella shared Only I can fight with my best friend, You say a word and you are dead.'s photo.
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  • Mary Varville-Rodriguez Yeah...Wait until you're at least 30!!!!!!!! In the mean time....Get an education. Find a career you are passionate about that brings you joy. Get your own place that you can decorate in your own awesome style. Learn to love yourself and who you have become...and continue to develop your own personality that no one else feels a need to change. Travel to all those places we've talked about and beyond. Learn what makes YOU happy and how to share that happiness in ways that won't leave you feeling emotionally drained and exhausted. Nurture your relationship with God and develop your spiritual life. Make sure you develop strategies for taking care of YOUR heart and eliminate feelings of guilt when your own needs are met. Tell yourself every day that you are a child of God placed in this world on purpose, for a purpose, and with a purpose! You have a unique journey on earth that will allow you to learn from others and share what you know. You have been designed to experience many opportunities, emotions, and adventures. Developing meaningful relationships are one component of your existence. But take your time. Relationships cannot be rushed. They cannot be romanticized into existence. Every thing has it's time and place. Enjoy who you are right now as your figure out the complexities of this world. Know that I am here for you. Know that your parents care about you and will always have your "6" even when things seem dark. Your family is your foundation. YOU are the architect of your life. I trust that you will make good choices. I am realistic that there will be mistakes. That's O.K. too as long as you learn from them. In closing, please continue to take care when posting on Face Book. You know Mama is always looking for inspiration to write. Glad you were my inspiration today. Lots of Love, Mom.