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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Road to Sainthood involves a Mexican, A Very Patient Wife, and the INS Website for Renewals!

I'm sure this post title could be altered to address any nationality.  I am not trying to stereotype or generalize in any way, shape, or form.  Heck...any wife who has ever tried to assist her husband in a task out of his comfort zone is likely to have a similar story.  So before anyone even thinks I am being too judgmental regarding my husband's culture, let me say once and for all...this topic could be any woman's story.  This one just happens to be mine. 
Anyone who has any inkling of the level of commitment that has been required regarding my relationship with this man will understand what I am about to share.  Even if you don't know our dramatic tale, you will probably get an idea of how challenging my life can be some days. The more drama involved = the closer this chica gets to assuring her place in heaven.  Next stop:  Sainthood!
My husband and I went through a lot to acquire his legal residency several years ago.  There was a significant monetary and emotional investment in the extensive process including legal advice from an Immigration Attorney, several trips to the consulate, a long interview, and countless prayers for patience.  Additionally, I was pregnant with our first child during a few of our trips.
Fast forward ten years.  Time to renew the "Green Card."  First we had to create an account before applying for the renewal.  Lesson One:  Make sure you get on the correct freakin' site!  My husband has Zero patience for anything computer related.  So you can imagine my angst when our first attempt to log on was unsuccessful.  He was ready to just give up and leave the library.  I, on the other hand, was determined to get this task completed.

Thankfully, one of the librarians helped me track down the correct web site and reserved a computer for us in the learning lab.  We went through three computers before finding one that allowed us to log in properly.  The learning lab advisor was very helpful and encouraging.  Good thing I had her support because my "husband child" was standing over my shoulder, loudly sighing and rolling his eyes every time I unsuccessfully tried to create a password.

Side Note:  Monday mornings are notoriously busy days at the library.  Additionally, about 50 Jehovah's Witness Missionaries use the library as their "Home Base" where they are supposedly  working on letters, reports, etc.. to document their missionary work.  I say supposedly because nosy husband peeked over one of the missionary's shoulders and spied his report, "The margaritas were great and we found a new prospect."    My husband's continued anxiety punctuated by our verbal fencing resulted in at least 3 missionaries leaving the area.  Perhaps if I had a pitcher of margaritas we could have become friends.  Oh well.

Saint Jerome
Turns out that the INS website is pretty freakin' particular about the type of characters that must be used in order to accept your password.  I kid you took at least 6 or 7 attempts before we were accepted.  (and you thought crossing the border was hard!)  I swear that by the time I finally showed my husband how to compete the renewal process I was ready to drop kick his ass back across the Mexican border.  This in no way, shape, or form diminishes the amount of love I have for him.  However, I now need a long vacation to recover from the entire ordeal!

Now if I can only convince him it's time to go ahead and finish the process by applying to be a citizen.  I do not want to go through this again in another 10 years. There will be even more technology to decipher and more challenging hoops to jump through.  In the mean time, I think I need to continue to work on my application for Saint Hood.  Now I have "Helped husband renew Green Card" to add to my resume. 

As for those young Jehovah's Witnesses missionaries...I will be working on a letter for you as well.  I will keep several in my back pack for distribution at the library.  Perhaps the real mission could have been to be a positive source of Jehovah's love by making a positive comment or offering to help a frustrated couple.  Instead, you got up and walked away from the opportunity. 

Happy Tuesday!  Hope your week is filled with both challenges and blessings.  Need a Challenge?  Here you go:  How many positive things can you share this week for your fellow humans experiencing frustration!