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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sebastien's Selections - Fun Books for March Reading Aloud Campaign

Time for some more recommendations from my First Grader, Sebastien.  Reading has become a stress management technique for us this month.  Turns out  that a lot goes on in First Grade, and the end of our day is the perfect opportunity to "debrief" from a long day of school.  Reading a favorite book helps with this process. 
Mercer Mayer's "Little Critter" series offers a great selection of stories with topics that are relevant to children.  The illustrations are endearing to parents too.  You can interpret those facial  expressions from Little Critter's Mom and instantly relate to her experiences with her children.  These books bring a smile to my face as I think about my own relationship with Sebastien.
Here are a few titles you may enjoy:
What a Bad Dream                    Just  Go To Bed                                
Just Me and My Mom               The New Baby
When I Get Bigger                     I Just Forgot
Just Me and Dad                         Just A Mess
You can check out more by looking on the following link or by visiting your favorite book sites.  Happy Reading and Keep Logging your Selections on Your "Barry the Book Worm" poster!
To the Rescue! (Little Critter Series)