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Monday, March 3, 2014

March - Time to Get Your Read On!

 Your March Reading Challenge:
Read 15 minutes each day!

Reading is fun year round.  But it's extra fun to challenge ourselves during the month of March to see how many different types of books we can encourage our children to enjoy.  Tonight I was happy to see that my first grader had brought a book home from school that was assigned reading.  He was motivated to read to me because it was a "school made" book that had been stapled together.  The inside front cover had a place for parents to sign the book after it had been read.  What a great idea!
You can create your own reading log using the idea I posted from Friday. (See "Barry" The Book Worm)  or  You can create your own log where you and your child can add a signature or a picture to document your reading time.
I also loved that the "school-made" book included a few questions at the end to enhance reading comprehension.  This technique can be used at home with your own story selections too.  Ask simple questions regarding the characters.  Deductive reasoning questions might include:  "Why do you think the duck was sad?"  or "What would you have done if your teddy bear was lost?"  You could focus on the theme of the book and ask, "What was this book about?"
So many ways to enjoy reading with your children! Here's a whole month to dedicate extra time toward this life long love of dreams, adventure, inspiration, and learning.  Please feel free to share your reading recommendations.
Book of the Day

This is a charming book about a mother's unconditional love for her child.  My 11 year old daughter still remembers me reading this to her when she was younger.  We recently came across it in a book store and I read it to her right there on the spot.   A cool moment!