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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

You Know You've Gone from Tired to Exhausted When......

I'm not prone to complaining or listing the reasons why I am tired.  However, I read something yesterday that altered my perspective to the point that I am now giving myself permission to indulge in a little humorous list making.  Last night I finished my very late blog post after finally getting my sick child to sleep. I decided to check on some of the other parenting sites that I like to read and discovered a blog about why one mommy "hates" other mom bloggers. (Note: Generalizations in general are far from productive in many cases.  But I could certainly see mommy blogger's a point)

It seems that "mommy blog hater" had been inundated with judgmental posts.  She stated that these posts were written by "too perfect moms" who felt the need to advertise their perfect parenting skills whilst criticizing the techniques of other moms.  O.K.  Let's just put this out there. How many of us have never been criticized by someone at some point in our parenting adventure?  It might have been subtle hints or outright unedited comments complete with finger pointing and lots of unsolicited advice...but it was there wasn't it?  Maybe the offending incident happened at a family gathering, a church function, in a grocery store, or on an airplane when you are desperately trying to corral three young children.

Mommy blog hater got me thinking about the purpose I began writing.  Showcasing the marshmallow fluff and sugar coated pops of parenting was the farthest thing from my mind.  It was also never my intent to have a file of woes that would bring people down and add salt to the already festering wounds that inevitably accompany the role of "parent." I began writing because I enjoy sharing the joys, sorrows, pit falls, parodies, and insanity that defines our lives once we agree to bring children into the world.  I also have seen some of those blogs that Mommy blog hater denounced in her post. Those are the ones I do not take to heart.  I do read them once in awhile to remind myself of how I do not choose to write.

However, I also understand that those happy pink cloud posts serve a purpose for the individuals who write them.  Sometimes moms need to find ways to validate their decisions.  They need to feel and believe that they have found some magical elixir for perfect parenting.  They desperately wish to ring the bells and tell everyone in the land so all can enjoy the same benefits of child rearing success that they have apparently encountered.  If only we as parents could support, encourage, and share instead of push, shove, and threaten with our points of view.  Each child is different and each parent comes from a different history.  We all handle things based on our life experiences thus far.  How much richer would our parenting become if we didn't feel like our way is the only way, the best way, and the most enlightened way? 

So to add validity to my desire to be open, honest, and more of a parenting support system versus a parenting paradigm, here's a list that is far from being the pink cloud parenting post so criticized by mommy blog hater.  I hope that one day she finds this blog and is pleased with the results.  It's a small world.  It could happen.  If I ever have the opportunity to speak with her, I will thank her for reminding me why I began writing in this format.  This forum is more about sharing resources, collaborating, commiserating, and supporting each other as we work hard to achieve a balanced life.

Mom's List:
  You Know You've Gone from Tired to Exhausted When....

1. You come to a stop at a GREEN light in addition to the red ones.
2. You stop at a STOP sign and wait for it to change.
3. You look everywhere for your sunglasses and blame your
    children that one of them must have taken them...until one of the
    kids cautiously points to the top of your head.  You realize that
    the glasses have been on your head functioning as a head band
    for the past three hours.
4. You can't accurately remember your children's names.
5. You forget your own name.
6. You usually keep track of your car in the grocery store parking
    lot by lining up the row you are in by a letter from the Walmart
    store sign.  When you are exhausted you forget this critical step
    and end up wandering all over the place with three kids and a
    cart full of groceries.
7. You are actually too exhausted to put yourself to bed and
    contemplate sleeping upright on the couch.
8. You begin to enter REM sleep while continuing to finish the
    dishes, laundry, or story time.
9. You've read your child's home work problem a bazillion times
    and still have no idea what it said.
10.You ignore it when someone tries to give you advice on how to
     make your children listen or change some type of behavior that
     you are already working to correct. (Which is probably a good
     thing to do even if you aren't sleep deprived.)

Best Wishes as Your Week Continues
and You Collect Your Daily Challenges