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Friday, February 7, 2014

Syrup and Salt Shakers - A Two-Year Old's Entertainment

This morning my husband had the day off.  It was also payday, so there were errands to run and bills to pay.  Miraculously, the children actually went to school on time after being out for 2 days due to the freezing weather and snow. A rare moment indeed.  So we decided to go out for breakfast - another rare occasion as we are making a gallant effort to stick to a strict budget.  (Inspired by Dave Ramsey) I decided that I desperately wanted a grilled chicken sandwich even though it was 9:00 a.m. Hubbie wanted more traditional breakfast fare.  To satisfy both of our  cuisine preferences, we compromised and ended up at IHOP.
We ordered our food and enjoyed a nice conversation san children.  I almost didn't know how to act without the interruptions and arguments.  Shortly after we arrived, a young family with an adorable, tow headed 2-year-old boy was seated on the other side of the divided wall.  He was extremely well-behaved. I couldn't help but glance at him at first.  Then I actually became entranced by this creative and joyful lad. He amused himself by discovering the special things about going out to eat at IHOP.
He spied the row of glass syrup dispensers line up with four different flavors.  The handles on each variety: Old Fashioned, Strawberry, Blueberry, and Butter Pecan were each identified by their own color.  The containers were clear so the child could see the velvety liquid inside.  He sat near the window and the sun glittered against the glass.  He was mesmerized by the pretty presentation and reached to pick up one of the syrups.  His parents impressed me.  They allowed their little boy to look, touch, and talk about his discovery.  They were very relaxed and seemed to appreciate their child's inquisitive nature.
The child then picked up the salt shaker.  He examined its design and texture then held it out to his parents for identification.  They informed him he held a salt shaker in his hands.   I noticed that a retired military gentleman in the booth behind the family was also watching with interest and a smile on his face.  Well, that little boy must have noticed he was being spied upon and obligingly decided the include the gentleman in his discovery process.  He turned to the man, smiled, and held the salt shaker aloft as if to say, "Look what I found."  I didn't hear what the man said, but he must have responded with interest.  The child continued to entertain himself and engage his new audience until the family's food order arrived. 
Just watching those brief moments as a child explored his surroundings made me happy.  I remembered when my own children were his age.  That time in their life is filled with wonder and amazement.  I not only had this morning to enjoy breakfast with my husband.  Today was a blessing and an opportunity to be reminded of how many things we still have to discover even as adults.  All we have to do is look around and take time to observe what is going on around us.  There are inspirations and encouragements everywhere is we are open to the possibilities.
Have a Fabulous Friday and a Weekend of Wonder!  Thanks for Reading!