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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Small Miracles and Simple Rewards

Small miracles occur every day in our home.  Some people don't believe in miracles.  Some people wait around for big miracles to occur.  Some people just completely miss miracles happening right before their eyes.  So here's my impression of how to observe the small things that happen and see them for what they are - small, beautiful, make-your-life happier miracles. 
Every day I am relieved and impressed every time I am able to get my two boys inspired enough to get themselves ready for school and out the door in a timely manner.  My middle school daughter is awesome and very self sufficient.  The most she might ask of me is to help put her hair up or stop by the store so she can get a snack for school.  But Thing 1 and Thing 2 must have a pact to see whose turn it will be to lolly gag and bemoan that they are too tired to wake up.  So for me, having the boys dressed, hair in place, teeth brushed, back packs ready, and layers of winter wear applied is a small miracle with big rewards.
I have three children with chronic asthma.  I can't leave the house without inhalers and antihistamines in my purse.  No, No...wait.  I just converted to a backpack for myself.  I am not joking!  I go no where without my notebooks, my writing files (with two manuscripts currently in progress), and the most important thing of portable first aid kit complete with their medications.  So any day when all three of my children are healthy and do not have asthma attacks is a small miracle.
This year I am able to work from home.  Every time I am called to school to attend to one of my children's medical needs or take them to their doctor's appointments it's a small miracle for me .  Last year's work schedule combined with my single mom status took a toll on me both physically and emotionally.  I had an amazing job.  I loved working with the children in my class and their families.  Still, it broke my heart when I was unable to be with my children every time they needed me.  Many times I would have to drive them to my parents' home 45 minutes away so they could watch my babies while I went to work.  This year I feel like I'm been granted a small miracle.
My children are very should I say this?  They are high spirited, vocally expressive, and require
frequent parental interaction to moderate certain high maintenance behaviors.  (All are fiercely independent but also crave individual time with their parents.)  How's that for putting a positive spin on things?  So any time they are engaged in an activity that helps them focus their attention on something other than arguments with each other ...I call that a small miracle. 
So as you see, these incidences have the potential to be ignored or overlooked in the midst of our harried life.  When we choose to see our blessings as miracles life seems so much more positive and palatable.  However, if we always allow ourselves to become absorbed by the deluge of stressors that infiltrate our daily routines, the small miracles become obscured.
My miracle today:  Sebastien, age 6, is back to school following a bout with asthma.   All the children got to school on time and in good health.  I decided to give myself these simple rewards.  I love the simple things:  A bottle of my favorite tea - Pure Leaf with Lemon.  I went to Walgreen's where my favorite quick facial is on sale - Buy one Get one 50% off - studio 35 beauty Deep Cleansing Mask with Seaweed Salts and Calming Mask with Aloe Vera.  I went home and made a quesadilla (so what if it's breakfast time) and ate that with a spoonful of sour cream and the best salsa ever that tastes as good as home made.  I found this salsa in the refrigerated section of our local super market next to the Queso Fresco Mexican Cheese:  Salsa Sensations - Mild "Made with Fresh ingredients. Simply fruits and vegetables from our farms to your table"  Distributed by Appa Fine Foods, Inc. Corona, CA 92880   If you warm 1/4 cup of this salsa for ~20 seconds it tastes amazing! 
Hope you find small miracles in your day and find a way to reward yourself with something simple yet soul soothing.  Now... let me get back to my schedule.  Have a Happy Thursday!