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Friday, February 28, 2014

Read Across America Campaign - A Special Project Idea

Book Worms and Bubbles
An Activity to Encourage Reading
15 minutes each day
March 2014
Create a cute book worm using small colorful paper plates or circles cut from construction paper.

A Poem Just for You

Little Barry Book Worm
Reads a Book each Day
Sometimes in the morning
Sometimes after play
Sometimes in the evening
before he goes to bed
Sometimes he falls asleep
before his book's all read
Little Barry Book Worm
Invites you all to read
15 minutes each day
Is really all you need
But if you want much more
That's fine with Barry too
Reading every day
Is fun for me and you!
You can paste this cute little critter on a colorful poster board labeled with your Reading Goal for March.  Find a special place to display the poster.
"Our Special Family Book Nook" 
Cut smaller circles (bubbles)  from colorful paper.  Place them in an envelope that you can attach to the poster board. 
Each day that you read for 15 minutes, write the name of the book and the author on a "bubble".
Let your child paste the bubbles on the board around  your book worm. See how many bubbles you can collect during March. 
Have a fun month as you find new and interesting topics for your reading adventures.  Try to add different topics so your "bubbles" reflect a variety of genres:  Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry, etc...
Happy Reading!