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Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday is for Recovering from the Weekend!

Monday takes on a whole new meaning for me now that I work from home.  I love my three children and find myself eternally grateful that they are in my life.  I also relish the brief moments of solitude that are as elusive as other myths such as the Loch Ness Monster and  Big Foot. (Apologies to those who are believers.)  So after the weekend I've had, I sit here with a cup of tea on the coffee table, feet propped up, laptop activated, and a sensation that equals that of a ginormous elephant being lifted from my shoulders.  Shoulders.  That's another topic.  Why are they always aching and why can I not turn my head with the same degree of flexibility I once enjoyed?
Anywho...This past weekend I did not get the memo that indicated my children had taken an oath to drive each other to the precipice of the Cliff "Jump off or Leave Town."  OMG!  How can three children find so many ways to bug, bother, push, threaten, and bring each other to tears?  I attempted to calm the flying monkeys by bringing out the washable finger paints and brushes.  That worked for all of 40 minutes.  Then the Hunger Games resumed.

I knew parenting was not going to be sunshine and rainbows every day.  I worked for many years in the field of Early Childhood Development and had worked with many families prior to becoming a parent myself.  I waited quite a while before motherhood finally announced itself at age 34.  Still... no amount of training and experience can totally prepare you for the many variables that bombard you after the birth of a baby.

I was the oldest of six children and have no recollection of fighting with my siblings to the same degree as my children.  My children pointed out to me, "Mom, you can't expect us to grow up the same way you did!"  Perhaps my own expectations are getting in the way of my interactions with my three kiddos.  However, there are certain expectations that I will continue to promote.

1.  You will be respectful to your parents and to each other.

2.  If you have issues with each other, take a personal time out.

3.  Your siblings will be there for you long after your father and I
     are gone.  Better learn to get along and help each other out.

4.  Keep your hands to yourselves.  Physical altercations are OUT!

5.  Accept each other's qualities, quirks, and personalities. 

6.  Treat each other the way you want to be treated.

7.  Find one thing that you can enjoy together! (Painting, reading,

Happy Monday!  Hope your week if filled with sprinkles of glitter, unicorns, and other happy myths and legends...just like the notions you had of parenting before reality materialized.
Happy Mother's Day. Card with beautiful silhouette of mother and