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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fourteen Books Given for International Book Giving Day

Yesterday was International Book Giving Day. My son and I delivered 14 books for February 14 to his Pediatrician's office.  Here's a list of what we found at our local Good Will.  Although they were "previously loved" all were in good condition.  We're looking forward to finding another project.
Our Book List
1.    Goldilicious  Written and Illustrated by:Victoria Kann c.2009

2.    Paper John     Story and Pictures by: David Small   c. 1987

3.    el oido    by: Maria Rius , J.M. Parramon, and J.J. Puig            
       c. 1985
4.    Stone Soup     by: Ann McGovern c. 1968  Pictures  
       by Winslow Pinney Pels  c. 1986

5.    The Cat in the Hat  by: Dr. Seuss  c. 1957

6.    Junie B., First Grader (at last!)  by:  Barbara Park 
       c. 2001  Illustrated by: Denise Brukus c. 2001

7.   Larry Boy and the Emperor of Envy  Written by: 
      Sean Gaffney c. 2002   Illustrated by Michael Moore  c. 2002

8.    Absolutely Normal Chaos  by: Sharon Creech   c.  1990

9.    Curiosity Killed the Cat (A Poison Apple Book) 
       by:  Siera Harimann  c. 2011

10.   The Secret School  by:  AVI  c. 2001

11.   One Crazy Summer  by:  Rita Williams-Garcia  c.  2010

12.   A Wrinkle in Time  by:  Madeleine L'Engle  c.  1962

13.   The Summer of RILEY   by:  Eve Bunting  c.  2001

14.   Do You Want to Be My Friend?  by:  Eric Carle  c.  1971

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