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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Another Snow Day - and a Peanut Butter Toast Memory

Last night I had a premonition that this would happen.  I started my morning at 5:00 A.M. the way I do every day.  I turned on the news and saw there would be a 2 hour delay for school.  O.K. I can handle that.  I drove my husband to work and thought that the roads didn't look too bad.  But it was cold.  Really cold.  The kind of cold where the windows are frosted up on the inside of the vehicle and icicles under the car rattled with every turn and speed bump.  Still...I was hopeful.  It's not that I don't enjoy being with my children.  It's just that they think a snow day gives them license to act like we have nothing in the house for them to eat, whine about being bored, and argue over the selections of activities at their disposal. 
So I returned home. found a parking space with a huge snow drift that crunched ominously under my tires, and went inside where I was greeted by a warm, cozy, quiet space.  I prepared a cup of hot tea (I've never been a coffee drinker except for the iced variety) and thought about what I could make for breakfast before getting the children ready for their 2 hour delayed classes. That's when I spied a jar of Jiffy Peanut Butter in the pantry.  The cold weather combined with that visual cue of peanut butter instantly transported me back to my childhood.  Every morning when my 3 brothers, 2 sisters and I woke up to get ready for school, the first things we smelled coming from our downstairs kitchen were freshly brewed coffee (I always loved the scent - just not the taste) and toasted bread.
My father, a Musician with the US Army Band, had a morning routine that included Peanut Butter on toast.  It provided protein and helped him last until lunch time.  He always gave us a hug and a kiss before leaving for work.  The aroma of peanut butter still clung to him as we said good-bye.  So today I toasted a slice of bread and added the signature peanut butter to complete the memory.  I don't get to see my dad on a daily basis, so this memory helped me start my day with pleasant thoughts.  And I am glad I decided to have those few moments to myself.  Fifteen minutes after I finished my tea and peanut butter toast, my Middle School child came out of the room and informed me that there was no school. Her friend texted her the updated information.   In the short time since I had arrived home, the status of "2 hour delay" became "School Closed." 
Sometimes taking time to enjoy a simple trip back to childhood can make a difference in how your day begins.  For me it was Peanut Butter Toast and a Cup of Tea.  Stay warm and have a great day!