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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

5 Ways Babies Learn to Love Books Too! - List #2

Here is your second list of ways to enjoy books with your children.  Today we focus on the youngest book aficionados - Infants ages Birth - 12 Months.  Books are the perfect incentive to encourage developmental milestones such as reaching, grabbing, rolling, scooting, crawling, pull to stand, and introduction to a myriad of sounds, rhythms, and sign language.  Here are a few ideas to get started.
Place a soft blanket on the floor for baby to lay upon.  Arrange books in front of baby with pages open.  Think about how a baby learns to roll over and place books where baby is likely to turn to look.  Babies can enjoy supervised tummy time to work on head control and development of trunk muscles if you place a circle of books around the blanket.  Watch as baby pushes up on arms to observe his surrounding.  (The same activity can work well with toys that attract his attention.)

Babies who are old enough to sit up can practice their balance and transitional movement into and out of sitting as they look at a book.

Books placed on either side of baby allow him to work on sitting balance.  If he tips to the side the sturdy books offer hand placement to help with righting .

Baby can sit in your lap with a book placed on table.  This way baby is working on balance and learning how to turn pages of a book. 

Great positions that allow you to share story time with young babies. 
Place books on a coffee table or a sturdy box where baby can pull to stand and discover a treasure.

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Its never too early to enjoy a good book.  I have seen infants fall asleep as they looked at soft picture books.  Reading is relaxing at any age. Have a Wonderful time discovering books with your baby!