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Friday, February 14, 2014

5 Reasons I'm Grateful My Parents Read to Me as A Child - List #5

Happy International Book Giving Day
& Happy Valentine's Day!
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What better way to show your love for your children than to read a book to them?  Participation in today's event has given me a lot to think about and has confirmed what I have known since childhood:  Books are timeless.  They open doors to new opportunities.  Books give us insight into how other human beings view the world.  Most of all, the authors inspire us to educate, explore, imagine, and embark on great adventures.  Today I am reminded of my own childhood when I learned to enjoy books.  I have my parents to thank for my life long love affair with literature. This week has been personally rewarding for me as I shared my passion for books.  Here's your "final 5" list. The reasons I am grateful that my parents read to me as a child:
Reading showed me the world.  We had a collection of World Book Child Craft Encyclopedias that set my parents back quite a few pennies.  I saw them carefully decide that these special books were worth adding to their tight budget.  It sent a clear message that education and knowledge were valued.  The Child Craft Volume that had the biggest impact on me was the one that highlighted the Seven Wonders of the World and other places around the globe.  I was fascinated by Venice, Italy, Paris, France, and London, England.  Each time I read the stories and viewed the pictures I imagined being able to travel and explore.  Years later I did travel and absolutely marveled at how far I had come.  I have never lost my sense of wanderlust.

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I learned about rhyming words as we read nursery rhymes and poetry.  I developed an ear for languages.  Later in college I enjoyed taking classes in Spanish, German, and French.  My mother is Hungarian and I learned enough so that when we visited her country I was able to communicate basic concepts.  (Although I really wish I was fluent in these languages, I am happy to be able to understand enough to function and stay out of trouble.)

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My parents were always reading something.  Every Sunday after Mass we would sit down to a family breakfast.  As soon as the table was cleared and the dishes washed, my parents would adjourn to the living room and spend the afternoon reading the Sunday paper.  They would occasionally comment to each other on an article or read to each other when they found something they wished to share.  I learned that written words were a way to facilitate communication and share pertinent information to stay abreast of current events. 
I learned that bedtime was more relaxing if there was a story attached to the routine.  Every evening one of my parents read to us.  Prayers and a story were the perfect ending to a busy day.  It also set the stage for some very interesting and creative dreams.  (Perfect for an aspiring young writer.) 

I learned that books are portable. They are necessary to get through long flights, train trips, car rides, and cross country bus travels.  I have read books everywhere possible.  They fit into a purse, backpack, suitcase, or even a pocket.  Now books are available on line and you have a wider selection.  I still like to pick one excellent paperback book.  I like the old school feel of paper and the scent of ink.  Books are not only educational.  They are entertaining as well.  Travel and reading books are intimate companions. They just go well together.
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