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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Promoting Primrose Schools - A Gold Medal Moment during Atlanta's Snowmaggedon/Snowpocolypse

Nobody will forget the snow storm that shut down Atlanta in 2014.  I can't help but think it could have been me and my three children stranded were it not for strange twists of fate.  Last year I was in Georgia working as a Lead Teacher in the Infant Room at Primrose School of Macland Pointe in Marietta, Georgia.  We endured a few tornado scares that caused us to shelter in place with a room full of infants.  How many rounds of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "You Are My Sunshine" did we go through as we helped soothe the babies?  Meanwhile, my own three children were being protected by the amazing After School Program at King Springs Elementary School in Smyrna. 

Those moments cannot compare to what the remarkable Director, Kathleen Sanchez, and her team of teachers accomplished when some of the children at Primrose were stranded as their parents tried to get to them.  Roads made it impossible for people to pick up their precious babies.  The staff expertly banned together to make sure the babies were safe, warm, and well loved.  Parents were reassured that their little ones were in capable hands.  These ladies demonstrated what quality child care is all about.  It's about loving children and caring for them as you would your own.  Primrose has one of the best philosophies and statement of values I have encountered in the field of Early Childhood Education.  Being accountable, responsible, and fully present for families are critical elements when looking for a place you can trust with your most precious treasures.  Babies need to know that they are secure even when an emergency prevents their parents from getting to them.

I am proud that I know the individuals who took on the enormous responsibility of being stand-in parents during Atlanta's historic, snowy epic of courage, determination, and willingness to do whatever necessary to reunite family and friends.  Part of me is relieved I was not there to deal with all the traumatic events of traffic, separation from children, and worry that loved ones were stranded in all that mess.  But there is as a part of me that regrets I was not a participant in the amazing coming together of colleagues, friends, and family members to weather the storm together.  These are the moments that define us and make us stronger, more resilient, and surprisingly creative in our approach as we solve problems as a team.

Primrose School of Macland Pointe deserves a Gold Medal Recognition.  There are probably many others who braved the elements and helped keep children safe and sound during this incredibly debilitating storm.  Today we solute the teachers who went above and beyond their usual routine to accommodate the tiniest members of the community.  Well done!

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