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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Humorous Parenting - A Book Recommendation

I came across a funny, terribly illustrated book that highlights some of the quirky yet true parenting challenges we all face.  I'm not being overly critical with regard to the pictures.  The author, Amber Dusick, presents her humorous insights with the accompaniment of hilarious illustrations.  They are somewhat more detailed than simple stick figures but far from beautiful renditions that depict parenthood with a halo overhead.  Dusick is real.  She doesn't sugar coat the sometimes unpleasant and messy parts of raising young children.  This mommy understands we all need to laugh to keep from crying some days.
I read this book straight through one night.  My children kept asking me why I was laughing so hard.  Because I just needed this book to let out a few giggles.  It is easy to read even with noisy children and a lot of activity swarming around your head.    It is even better if you can put the kids to bed and relax with a warm cup of hot chocolate...or something stronger if you are so inclined.  I found this book at the library, but you can also purchase it on line at Amazon.                                  

Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures

parenting illustrated with crappy picturescrappy-book

Author: Amber Dusick c. 2012 Harlequin Publishers

Hope you enjoy this funny and quick read!