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Monday, October 28, 2013

The Imagination of a Six-Year-Old Super Hero

Six-year-old Sebastien has the kind of imagination that leads to amazing creations.  I can't even predict where this gift will take him into the future, but I know that wonderful things happen when a child's (or adult's) imagination is nurtured and encouraged.  Sebastien is like some of the children I used to read about in children's books.  He has a zest for anything in motion, including himself.  His skills on the monkey bars and the backward flips he has demonstrated (with no formal gymnastics training to date) are legendary among family and friends.  It is no surprise that whenever we go to a park, whether outdoors or at the McDonald's play area, he inevitable becomes a magnet for other children who are fascinated by his creativity. 

Sebastien's latest inspirations come from favorite super heroes.  I remember when my own brothers ran around the house with "capes" fashioned from dish towels and safety pins.  Rubber band guns were designed using wood scraps and clothes pins.  The Big Wheels were the favored mode of transportation as we raced to catch the bad guys.  Life was filled with fun and it seemed like most of our time was spent outdoors.  Imagination was not only encouraged, but expected as a necessary supplement to the simple toys of our day. So when I see my own children creating, imagining, and designing their own forms of entertainment, I have to smile.  Technology cannot totally eliminate the human need and dare I say desire to come up with our own  forms of entertainment.

Sebastien has been known to use straws from McDonald's to make his version of "martial arts" equipment. (I can't bring myself to call them weapons)  He has created sparing sticks (I'm sure my children would cringe that I don't know the proper terms) and various tools to reach the toys that become trapped behind the cages that surround the play areas.  He has rescued quite a collection of Happy Meal toys.  Many times I have seen him with a ring of children around him as he demonstrated how to create toys or tools from the straws.  Parents often watch as everyone soon becomes engaged in a martial arts practice initiated by Sebastien.  I really do need to enroll him in some classes.  The boy has some awesome moves for someone so little.

So Sebastien's latest favorite super hero is Wolverine.  He is fascinated by the claws and will take just about anything to design his own. (Which is fine with me given that the Wolverine Toy claws cost $25.00 each at Target.) Yikes!  Here's where the imagination comes in quite handy!  Today, you will have access to Sebastien's exclusive list of how you too can have Wolverine Claws that are cost effective and fun to make.  Hope you get a chuckle out of this and take a moment to reflect on some of the things you or your own children have created.  I love seeing things through the eyes of my children.

I have to admit, there are moments when I wonder, "Does everything have to become Wolverine Claws?"  Then again, this moment in Sebastien's life will go by so fast.  I know I'll miss it when he outgrows this phase.  So here's the list of things that he has already used to design those claws.  It's fun to share with you and I hope it will make you smile.

 Wolverine Claws

French Fries
Ritz Crackers
Fish Sticks
Dry Spaghetti Noodles

Hope your Monday was awesome.  Have a wonderful week and remember to share a fun memory of your own childhood creations with your family!