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Monday, July 28, 2014

Coming Soon...More Adventures from the "Tree Top"

Reflections Beneath The Poetz Tree has been on a very long hiatus from regular posts this summer.  My three children and I have been wandering about on great adventures indeed.  We will soon return to our "home base" next week where I will be busy preparing the children to restart school and reprogram their very relaxed summer schedule.  Funny thing about Summer Breaks...we start out with so many ideas and plans. There are promises to complete projects,  goals we hope to reach, and inspirations everywhere we turn.  We eventually realize that flexibility needs to be incorporated into those dreams. Expectations must also yield to the realities of free-spirited children who simply desire a fun and adventurous "Summer of Memories 2014."

I have been blessed with wonderful family and friends who contributed to the memories my children will carry with them throughout life.  We will have traveled well over 4000 miles by the time we see Pikes Peak again.  There have been challenges and accomplishments that offered valuable life experiences in perseverance and a quest for what is right and just.  Some things I am able to write about and others I am only legally allowed to discuss in abstract to protect the names of individuals and their place of business.  But that particular experience will be the subject matter for an article I have started to write for submission to a well-known magazine.   (Stay tuned.)

I think the most important thing to recognize about Summer Vacation 2014 is that whether you traveled far away or stayed close to home, the people with whom you shared time and experiences will treasure those moments forever.  We found  $1.00 movie theaters and were happy to see that some of our friends were also experiencing similar discounts for family fun.  Trips to the beach were also popular destinations for us as well as many of our Face Book friends.  Ice Cream Cones, Grilled Cuisine, and Seafood were featured in many posted pictures.  New babies, Babies on the way, and Family Reunions were regular posts in my news feed.  I loved seeing how much everyone treasured each other's company.  

I have greatly missed writing my posts for this blog as well as the other two I manage.  My laptop was sold to help with our trip.  It's o.k.  I earned back some of the funds I needed for another computer as soon as I return to Colorado.  (Thanks to one of my writing projects...a testimony to the value of documenting phone calls and dates of conversations when you have legal matters pending...oh I do wish I could reveal more.)  I am also grateful I will be able to soon repay some key individuals who assisted me and my family in our travels. Most of all, I look forward to another school year as I share the parenting observations, insights, and inspirations that have made this blog one of my favorite projects.

I hope to share more with you soon and tell you about our adventures.  Until then...Have a Wonderful End of Summer and I look forward to another school year with you soon.  

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